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    Bar Chart with Multiple Measures, Each Using a Different Color Scheme

    Xiao Wen Song

      Hi all,


      Hoping for some help here. I have data that looks something like this:

      BrianGold SilverSilver


      I have created calculated fields to count the total # who received awards for each dimension (e.g. IF NOT ISNULL(English), THEN 1) and created a bar chart based on these 3 measures:

      I want to be able to apply a color scheme for each Measure based on its Dimension. The problem is that I am not able to apply different color schemes to each row. E.g. below, when I drag the Dimension "English" to the color, it applies to all rows. So the color code for Math and Science here, for instance, is actually dependent on whether that Student got any award for English!

      Is there a way to make it such that each row goes according to its own dimension?


      Apologies in advance that I haven't posted the workbook because the data is quite sensitive, I know it's not ideal.


      Thanks again for any help you all can render.