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    Wheres the --no-config option in TSM Maintenance Restore

    Stewart Mathers

      Hi all,


      We have upgraded to 2018.2 from 10.5 so now we are in the process of migrating our automated scripts over to TSM commands from Tabadmin.


      We have a script that does a restore but we need to use the --no-config command because we don't want to overwrite the configuration. How can we do this using TSM Maintenance Restore?

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          David Whittenberg

          I believe, starting with 2018.2 (and TSM), server configuration settings are no longer included in the backup.  Therefore, every backup/restore is --no-config.  The server configuration settings can be exported separately using the TSM settings export command.  The settings, including your run-as password, are stored in a plain-text file in JSON format.  There are instructions on how to perform the export, and encrypt it, at the following link:


          Manage Server Secrets

          See section titled "Import and export configuration information"


          Hope this helps,


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