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    Mapping Current Flights with Arcs

    Shelby Lovejoy

      I'm hoping there's a Tableau expert who can help me.


      Goal is to map current flights with arcs. I've followed article to get started Mapping Real Time Flights (Advanced) | Tableau Public (beginner section). I don't use python but would love to accomplish a similar view.


      To isolate the current flights going on I used this calc:


      NOW() > [Dep Date (US CT)] AND NOW() < [Arr Date (US CT)]


      Also figured out how to know how completed the flight is:


      (NOW()-[Dep Date (US CT)]) / ([Arr Date (US CT)] - [Dep Date (US CT)])


      To plot how far the flight has gone so far I used these Long/Lat calcs:



      IF [Path Order] = 2 THEN

      ( [ArrCityLat] - [DepCityLat] ) * [Completion %] + [DepCityLat]




      IF [Path Order] = 2 THEN

      ( [ArrCityLong] - [DepCityLong] ) * [Completion %] + [DepCityLong]



      I've plotted this out and used this blog to add arcs Great Arcs in Tableau by Chris DeMartini — DataBlick


      Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 8.03.27 PM.png


      Two things I'd like to fix  - 1) The arcs to not hit the top of the map (just looks bad)

      2) I'd love the arc to be based on the destination but to plot how far along it is based on the completion


      Any and all help is really appreciated. I wish I could share my workbook but data is sensitive.


      Thank you!