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    Grand Totals not working with Previous Value Calculation. Table Calculation


      Hi guys,


      I have been trying to estimate a running sum (accumulative) from a data extract. The tricky part is that for those null values, I have to bring previous value. When I do this, the grand totals doesn't add up.


      My data is as follows: Location, Area and Month.


      Im calculating area covered in %. Just a simple division of the area divided by the total area (164,224). If one location has been registered more than one time in one month, it will count just as one. ( that's why I used min as aggregate function).


      From sheet Area% I have the result of locations covered.



      But in Sheet Area_Prev Value, I'm using Previous value to populate null values, but then the grand total cannot add everything up.


      The total should be:


      Can you please share some light?


      I think Previous Value function restricts the Sum condition of the Grand totals to only Automatic.


      Thanks in advance!