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    How to join unrelated postal code datasets

    Mic Tay



      I have a two tables with postal code data that I would like to visualise on the map. The first table consists of the names of specific buildings, there are no other traits attributed to these. The second table consists of individuals, which have many traits that I’m using filters to view on the map. How do I bring both into the same map? Currently both datasets do not have any relationship with one another - one are buildings and the other are people. Any help is much appreciated




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          Naveen B

          Hi Mic,


          Create Join condition on with


          Drop the Columns and create a calculation with value 1 in both data source and join on them



          Related Link: When to use 1=1 joining condition


          so what will happen it will create a cross product and you will get the data


          or else if both the data sources are of same format using the union all option in tableau


          Union all related link : Union Your Data


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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi Mic,


            Can you try to Union data ?


            NAME/BUILDING        POSTAL CODE

            A                                    123

            B                                    123

            BUILDING NAME           213344






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              Okechukwu Ossai

              Hi Mic,


              How is it possible to analyse these datasets if they are completely unrelated? I believe there must be a relationship. If you want to visualize them on a map, this means the datasets should have geographical data like Country, State, City, Postal Codes etc. If yes, you can union the data.


              For this to work, both datasets should have the same column names. For example, the first table with no other traits should still have the same column names as the second table but with null values.


              Hope this helps.