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    Issues Missing from Tableau Desktop using Web Data Connector for JIRA

    Andrew Blake

      I have the Web Data Connector that allows me to pull issues from JIRA into Tableau Desktop. Several different projects of mine have used the WDC without a hitch. However, when I set up the WDC for my latest Tableau workbook, the "Creating Extract..." pop-up window shows the correct number of issues being processed, but when it's finished loading most of the JIRA issues are missing. Can't find them on the datasource page or in the worksheet views. I've double checked my other projects that pull from JIRA, as well as JIRA itself to make sure the missing issues exist in those places, and they do. My trial subscription to the WDC is not over either, so I have absolutely no idea what is going on.


      P.s. The data is company-sensitive, so I can't post any packaged workbooks, but I still appreciate any answers you guys might have. Thanks!