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    Single value restriction in a multiple value filter

    Mikel Poppe

      Please bear with me, part of my issue may be that I am not able to explain my issue in a simple enough way to successfully google it.


      I am creating a stacked bar chart. I am attempting to filter by regions within a state. Currently I can select multiple values (regions) and the chart will show the total number of jobs in all the selected region(s). Here is the tricky part, one of the regions is "statewide", however, the sum of the regions is less than the "statewide" region due to suppressed data (making tableau's show "All" incorrect). If a user were to select both statewide and any number of other regions from the multiple value dropdown, they would be given duplicate data and an inflated bar chart.


      Is it possible to make the statewide option exclusive, effectively preventing a user from seeing or selecting other options in the multiple value drop down? or if other options are selected they will not be reflected in the bar chart?