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    Extract API 2.0 - TableauException: extract path must have .hyper extension

    Ponvinayagan Krishnasamy

      Hi All,


      I am trying to implement the Extract API to generate the .hyper file. I have downloaded 2018_2 version of Extract API for both Windows and Linux version.


      The Windows version of API works just fine however the Linux version of API is throwing "TableauException: extract path must have .hyper extension" though I have give the file name correctly with .hyper extension.


      Can someone please help me how to resolve this issue?


      I have read from other discussion thread that the version 10.5.3 has this issue and in 10.5.4 it was resolved. But I can not find a place where I can download this sdk.


      As per https://www.tableau.com/support/help link, I do not find any such version rather I see 2018_1 and 2018_2 as latest version.


      I tried with all version of libraries and getting the same error.


      Please suggest.


      Thanks, Vinay