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    Unable to connect to Tableau Server web interface after 2018.2 upgrade


      As noted in some other threads, I'm unable to connect to Tableau Server after the 2018.2 upgrade.


      Win7 single machine running Tableau Server for ~10 users.

      Upgraded from 2018.1 to 2018.2. Had some issues; had to run one of the install scripts manually after the installation.

      TSM Board shows all green once that was fixed and install completed.

      Subscriptions are going out normally.

      However, VizAlerts can't connect to the server, `https://localhost` won't connect, and no other computers can connect to the Server server.

      Call w/Tableau showed that port 80 is blocked/invisible.

      Disabling Windows Firewall did not have any changed.


      So, server is running and connecting (live) to our database(s), but the web server portion is not working.


      Documenting here in case it helps anyone. Will update when I have a resolution from IT/Tableau Support.