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    In need of an LOD, but unsure how to create

    Stephen Groff

      Hi all,


      I have a [Date]


      I have a list of machines [SERIAL No] for the entire year. And a count of the total machines produced [Machine Count]


      I have a list of Defects [Event No] - All of which have a [Serial No] tied to it


      I have a list of [Work Center]  - All of which are tied to the defect, which in turn has a serial # tied to it.


      So in the same row (in a table) I have the [Date], [Event No], [Serial No] and [Work Center]


      Question:  Of the total number of machines I produced today, which of them were free of Assembly Defects ([Work Center]="Assembly").


      I need this to come out as a solid number.... drag and drop... and poof!  There's my number of Machines Free of Assembly Defects for that day.


      I've attempted this on a number of occasions, but I'm just not knowledgeable enough with LODs.  Please help!

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