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    Action Filter Issue in Hierarchy Drilldown

    Bryce Larsen

      Hello all!

      This is going to be difficult to explain, but I will try...

      I've been working on a single sheet drilldown and it's been working great! However, we realized that at a certain point the entity in view might belong to two different areas. As such, when you click on said entity, we want to pass both of the Groups it belongs to.


      We allow users to move 'Forward' and bring everything in the view. When someone does this they'll correctly see one row for Group 2.3 despite it belonging to two distinct Parent Groups:

      The viz accurately displays 63% here (5/8). This is achieved by using an exclude function and turning Stack Marks 'Off'. Great! But...


      The goal is to then allow the user to click on the 63% bar and pass both:

      • Group 1.1 | Group 2.3
      • Group 1.2 | Group 2.3

      into the next view.


      However, it's really only passing the former as that's the bar on top. Clicking on the header ("Group 2.3") itself works. But we know users will instinctively click on the bar. Any help is appreciated!


      Uploaded to my tableau public: