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    Labelling Maximum Value per Column

    Elisabeth Riba

      Creating a line graph, and I want data labels on the maximum value for each column.

      It feels like this should be simple, but it's not working the way I expect.

      When I set mark labels to "Label maximum value," it only creates 1 label, at the highest point in the entire table:



      Changing the field dropdown doesn't help:

      • Field = SUM(Values) behaves the same as Automatic
      • Field = Category labels the largest Category name
      • Field = MONTH(DateField) labels all points in Jun 2018 (the last month)

      What am I missing?

      An additional nice-to-have refinement: Ideally, I'd only like to label columns with actual majorities, rather than pluralities.

      This would omit labels for Nov 2017 and Feb 2018.

      I tried a couple table calculations (e.g. rank) as the label dependency field, but haven't been able to get it to work.