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    Filter (drill down) not working on Story

    Paul Hunt

      I have created a drill down treemap (in Tableau Public - I don't have the full version) so that when you click on a country, it show which players scored goals for them.


      In the dashboard:



      Clicking on Belgium gives:




      However, in the story, clicking on Belgium only highlights the box as opposed to doing the desired drill down.




      The only way that it will drill down on the story is if you leave the dashboard at the drilled down level (i.e. image 2). However, this state is stuck (you cannot get out of the particular drilled down state in story mode without going back to the dashboard). Obviously this means the functionality does not work on Tableau Public as a story, which is my desired output. How can I make this interaction work as a story?


      I have attached the workbook:

      The original treemap is created as a worksheet called Team tree (2)
      The dashboard used is called Intro
      The story used is called 169




      Help appreciated.