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    Extract Refresh Scheduled Task options

    Marc Faber

      Is there a possibility to schedule a refresh extract for every 30 minutes, but only on work days Monday through Friday?

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          Don Wise

          Hi Marc,


          Per the Online Help, it looks like just hourly is as low as one can go Mon-Fri.


          Create or Modify a Schedule


          Please see the provided link.  Thx, Don

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            John Kuo

            Why not just use live connection?

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              Ritesh Bisht

              Hi Mark,


              I saw on of the Jeff's post as below(Tableau Admin access needed)


              Out of the box, Tableau scheduling I believe goes down to the frequency of 15 minute refreshes.  If you want to refresh extracts more frequently and it's a quick refresh, then potentially what you can do is to setup the following:


              1. Create a script that contains tabcmd specifics which can be found here:  tabcmd Commands .  This script can live within a folder on your server or if you install tabcmd locally, then it can live local too, but generally my experience is that it's easier for it to live on the windows server itself.


              - tabcmd login...


              - tabcmd refreshextract...


              - tabcmd logout...



              2. Go to windows task scheduler on the server (assuming you're running windows) and then setup a new task that will be triggered every 5 minutes.  Under the action tab is where you can point at the script that you create.




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                Marc Faber

                Hi Ritesh,


                Thanks for pointing that out. I have used the tabcmd script through MS scheduler before and that is indeed a way to be able to set a more flexible schedule.

                I wasn't looking for a way to refresh every 5 minutes, but to find something that allows you to have a Tableau schedule with multiple refresh tasks only run on weekdays, but yet refresh every 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

                It seems though that Tableau is missing one more layer of flexibility to do so.


                The disadvantage of using a scheduled task through MS scheduler is that it is hard to monitor progress, other than setting up an email alert that tells you whether the task succeeded or failed, you don't have the same Tableau Server interface that lets you monitor things.


                By the way, is it possible to do multiple extract refreshes (multiple tasks) through one script with the tabcmd refreshextract and define whether they should run in parallel or series?

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                  Ritesh Bisht

                  I have never done that but it should be possible and series make more sense to me.


                  Jeff Strauss can answer better