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    3rd level drill down and showing only total and subtotals not working as expected

    rao marapatla

      Joe Oppelt


      Hi ,


      I have a requirement where I am providing drill and filter selection to users .


      I wanted to display total and subtotals only based on drill down ,wanted to display country level totals as default if user drill down to next level which are cars then only show country and cars total and subtotals till here my formula working fine


      if user drill down to further channel level only few channles  diplaying totals and subtoals and few its ignoring but when I use my final calculation as compute using channel level its displaying all the channel,cars and country related totals and subtotals which is expected but problem here is I can't goback to country level drill up,if I change my calculation as compute as channel .


      I have attached my workbook kindly help me what I am missing in my report.


      thanks in advance