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    Changing PNG to JPG for embedded Tableau Public views?

    James Grosz

      Hi, I'm using Tableau Public to embed some dashboard views that I made with Tableau Desktop (Version 2018.2 on Mac) on a webpage. I'm embedding a decent number of views on this webpage, no less than 10, and since that is obviously a lot to load I'm looking for ways to improve performance.


      Specifically, I'm exploring the idea of changing the image file type used in the embed. As you can see, the embed code pulls up the Tableau charts as a PNG file:

      In my case, however, having the file type be a JPG instead would make a huge difference in performance. I was wondering whether such a switch would be possible (I know the image types have many differences), and if so, I'd like to know how I'd go about doing it. And yes, I did try directly changing ".png" to ".jpg" in the embed code itself, but that has no effect.


      I'm new to the web publication side of Tableau, so I would greatly appreciate your input!




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          Hello James,


          I feel I am missing some information or possibly not understanding fully what is occurring. The use of .png embedded images are causing significantly worst performance than a .jpg? Can you ellaborate a little more or provide some information behind this performance degradation.


          Does the web page load slower due to the .png? I have not heard of this before and did not find anything immediately about it when researching, but my website design knowledge is a little shallow, so I might be missing something here.



          Byrne, Patrick