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    Custom URL

    Sai Sri B

      Hi Team,


      I have customized the dashboard URL to hide Tableau logo, icons etc., . as below.

      Issue: When I click on the below url, it is not asking me to enter the login details of Tableau. It directly shows me the dashboard. But users expect it should prompt for the credentials otherwise anyone can access this dashboard.

      Can you please suggest should I add any parameter to this URL to ask the users to enter credentials?


      https://server.com/#/site/test1_site/views/Performance_Dashboard/SalesReport:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:showShareOpti… https://server.com/#/site/test1_site/views/Performance_Dashboard/SalesOverview?:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:showShareOptions=true&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no&:toolbar=no&:tabs=no