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    Best way to get an Ever-Changing Data Set from Tableau Prep to Tableau Desktop

    Ethan Martin

      Hello Everyone!

      I have an Excel sheet that I add to everyday with new data. I send it into Tableau Prep to change a few things (Joins/Aggregations) and it works wonderfully. I have the data in a way that is much better to work with in Desktop. The problem is 1) Transferring it into Tableau Desktop and 2) Updating it appropriately.

      What is the best way to work with the updated data set in Tableau? Do I have to go into Tableau Prep each time to refresh the connection to the Excel sheet THEN go in Tableau Desktop and Refresh that connection to Prep?

      Overall, How do I make a good connection between Prep and Desktop? Right now I can't get Desktop to refresh and update with the new data I add and send into Prep. I think I'm messing up the Output feature or the Save function in Prep.

      Does anyone have a good method for this? Could someone help me understand the Output Function in Prep (what does running a flow do?) How should I save it in a way that is easy for Desktop to recognize changes?

      The Excel file may be getting too big pretty soon (is that a thing?) Is there a better way to store the data for Prep/Desktop to access?

      Thank you guys so much! This community has been amazing! So helpful!