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    Create a grouped bar chart based on counting the matched criteria from calculated field

    Pak Hang  Leung

      Hi all


      The question is actually complicated. Now we have a sampled table as below.

      The table consists of the country information, date information which is grouped into weeks (2 weeks of data is available), No.of Visits, No.of registration and No.of order.


      What we want to do in tableau are as follows:

      1. Calculate the conversion rate for 1.Visits to Registration 2.Registration to Order and 3. Visit to Order   (Which is done and attached in the workbook)

      2. Use those rates to set an standard to count how many countries are eligible i.e Visits to Registration > 10%, Registration to Order>5%, Visit to order>1%

      3. Plot a grouped bar chart to show how many countries matches each criteria in every week from the start from 1-Jan-2018 e.g 3 countries in this week that Visits to Registration > 10% , 4 countries that Registration to Order>5%,  3 countries that Visit to order>1%


      Now the 1st task is straight and have been done.

      But for 2nd task, I used the LoD to break down the conversion rate, and it just works when I want to show only 1 KPIs, but cannot make all data to form the grouped bar charts

      ANd at the same time I am not sure how to make the 3rd steps.....


      The data is as follows    

      United States8/5/2018150000450007500
      United States8/13/2018180000472508400


      Can anyone provide some advises?

      Many thanks!