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    Tableau Linux 2018.2: Connecting to Redshift Datasource

    Richard Chung

      We are currently evaluating TS 2018.2 on a Linux EC2 instance in AWS.  While we have had success with restoring from a backup copy of our current environment and installing drivers for other data sources, we have run into issues connecting to our Redshift clusters from the new TS instance.  In our web portal, we receive a rather generic "Could not connect to server" error.


      I tried following the steps outlined at both https://www.tableau.com/support/drivers and the AWS page on installing Redshift drivers (Configure the ODBC Driver on Linux and Mac OS X Operating Systems - Amazon Redshift ).


      I guess my two big questions would be:


      1) Which subfolder should I be looking in for logs that may contain more information about the connection error to the Redshift Cluster

      1) Has anyone been able to successfully install the RS drivers for Linux instances of TS?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.