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    Data parameter showing the three months that make up quarter, including a quarter total

    Scott Francis

      I have a dashboard that contains 4 total crosstabs. The cross tabs are showing a defect rate for a project review for a specific month. Each crosstab is showing the Gross Count & %, Valid Count & % and Net Count & % of defects by a COUNTD.


      The 4 cross tabs are broken up to showing the 3 months that are representative of a Quarter Performance. So for Example I have Jan-18, Feb-18, Mar-18 and Q12018.


      What I would like to do is create a filter/parameter that will control all four crosstabs via the following means. Select a specific Quarter, so for instance 2016 Q3. I would like the filter/parameter to adjust crosstab 1 to reflect the data for July-16, crosstab 2 to reflect Aug-16, crosstab 3 to reflect Sept-17 and cross tab 4 to reflect the Quarter of 2016 Q3 as a whole.


      Same thing would go if I chose 2017 Q2, I’d like it to show Apr-17, May-17, Jun-17 and all of 2017 Q2.


      At the moment the only way I’m able t achieve this is by manually adjusting the months in each individual filter from the 4 worksheets.



      I know there are a couple glitches in the math calculation above. I'm working on that issues separately.