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    Isolating values tied to specific dates

    Ian Armstrong

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to make a cross tab with some line charts/sparklines incorporated in.


      I want to show sparklines for three measures (Discount, Profit, and Profit Ratio).  I also want to show the prior year (2015) and current year (2016) values in text/crosstab format for each of these measures across each of the subcategories (see red text in attached image for the desired outcome).


      I can't figure out how to 1) isolate the "prior" and "current" values for each measure, and 2) display them in a single "prior" and "current" column.


      Any help you can provide will be hugely appreciated.  Thank you!


      Note -- the red numbers in the picture below are gibberish and were just randomly punched in to show the general effect I'm looking for.


      example of desired outcome.png