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    How to fix subtotals that show as blank (aggregation issue?)

    Ian Armstrong

      I have a crosstab that shows the values of several calculated fields for a long list of entities, which are organized into sub-categories (the [Column] column).


      I am trying to get a subtotal for each of these calculated fields -- [Current Value], [Prior Value], [Dollar Change], [% Change], and [Contribution].


      However, whenever I set the subtotals up, they all appear blank (see image).


      I have the subtotals turned on for each of the desired calculated fields, and hidden for the other fields -- but the subtotals still do not show up.


      After doing some reading of other posts on the Forums and Tableau site, it seems like maybe this has something to do with the calculated fields being aggregated (?) -- but I'm not sure if that's the case, and if so, I'm not sure how to address it.


      On a final note which might be important -- all of the calculated fields except for [Contribution] have the "Ignore in table calculations" feature activated.  I thought this might be affecting things, but subtotals still do not appear when you uncheck this feature.


      Any assistance getting them to show up would be greatly appreciated.


      Subtotals Issue.png