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    Top N not working with colour filtering

    Blyton Pereira

      Hello everyone,


      I have attached a Minimum working exmaple workbook.

      I have a calculated measure that is calculating the TOP 2 in the dataset with the name ';Top 2 Absolute''.


      When I use this calculation to filter my data to show only the Top 2 results it works fine, however when I add in any colour filter then the TOP 2 does not work anymore and the data shows more than 2 values.


      Can you please assist me in why this is happening and where I am going wrong


      Thank you


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          Naveen B

          Hi Blyton,


          Click on the color filter --> add to context it will work


          check the concept of tableau order of operations dimension filter and top n filter wont go along until unless you add the dimension filters to context


          Coming to your scenario it seems you want the top 2 on Planning Hierarchy 4 but when you add the Forecast type in to color your Rank granularity is getting applied at forecast type so without disturbing the granularity you need to calculate the granularity


          Create calculation like below which fix sum(Diff Q3-Q4 2018) at Planning hierarchy 4 level


          Change your top 2 calculation like below



          Arrange your layout like below

          Top 2 for MI

          Top 2 for statistical



          Hope this helps kindly mark this helpful or correct so that it will help others