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    Can not do the sum from 2 data sources

    Chadi Atie

      Hello guys,


      I have these 2 values (Actuals & Commitments) each one of them is coming from a different data source.


      When I do the calculated field as sum of the two.


      It is not giving the sum of the values when commitments is blank or does not exist. It should at least give me the Actuals value.




      Thank you so much for your help,



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          Naveen B

          Hi Chadi,


          Use the calculation like below


          sum(Actual)+zn(sum(secondarydatasource.commitments)) it will give the values since your commitments is null , NULL+Anything = NULL so ZN makes the NULL to zero based on this you will get the value even though there is no commitment


          Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as correct/helpful so that it will help others




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