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    Creating a Portfolio Dashboard with Images

    Jonathon Lake

      Hey Guys!


      I've had a scroll through the forum posts but can't seem to find a topic in regards to the type of dashboard I am trying to create.


      I want to create a dashboard that outlines the 'Property Portfolio' of a companies assets and displays the cost, rating, condition and functionality of each building.


      All the condition and quality data is held through an SQL server and I have .png files for all the buildings.


      Is it possible to be able to create a view that has the following:



      PICTURE                 |   Building    Description         |        Rating          |       Condition       |       Functionality .   |



      If it is indeed possible, would i be able to have a filter where if i click the name of a different building from the filter then the entire view will change to show the updated picture and corresponding data.


      Kind Regards


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          Pauline Le Corvec

          Hello Jonathon Lake,


          See my approach on your question in the attached workbook (you'll need Tableau Desktop 2018.2)



          This might be a long and not ideal workaround but here are the detailed steps below in case it would work for you:


          Step 1 - Have your pictures ready

          1. Save all your pictures in your Shapes repositiory folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shapes)
          2. Ensure all your pictures' name match your data source picture names too. (For example, in my sample data source, Picture A is the same in my repository folder and in my data source)


          Step 2 - Build your view to be compatible with Custom Shapes

          1. Build your view as desired > Change the Marks type to Shapes > drag and drop the dimension that corresponds to your pictures' names on Shape.
          2. Assign all pictures to the relevant Shape. This is called "Custom Shapes" (view the information in the Help Topic here)
          3. Note: you won't be able to have the picture on the left. The picture will appear on the right side.


          Step 3 - Filter your view

          1. In the view, right-click the dimension you wish to filter and select Show Filter.
          2. On the filter itself, choose the option you prefer. In my example, I used Single Value Dropdown. (And I filter by picture)


          Hope that helps a bit! Have a great day



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            Jonathon Lake

            Thanks heaps very helpful!