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    Google Maps location history - any tips

    Stefan Pawlik

      Hello everybody,


      this is my first post here and I'm a complete beginner when it comes to tableau. So please bear with me.


      I want to do the following: For the last few years I have been tracking my location history with the help of Google Maps. Now, I want to have an easy way of visualizing that data and maybe get some use out of it.

      I tried to follow this tutorial: https://tableautim.com/tabtqs-google-location-history-tableau/  and also tried to modify data with this python script: GitHub - rvillanueva/gmaps-history-to-csv: Convert your downloadable Google Maps location history to csv.


      My problems: Tableau does not want to take any of my data:

      • The json file I have is too big for Tableaus 128mb limit (currently running on 300mb, with no option to have partial exports from Google)
      • KML files are just not being cooperative either.


      My question: Does anybody have experience with uploading their Gmaps location data into Tableau?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!





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          Sarah Battersby

          I haven't tried this, but I have worked with some pretty gigantic files in Tableau.  Can you at least share a subset of your data that I can take a look at and see if I can figure out a pathway to getting it into a better format for Tableau?  I'm thinking maybe a script to take it from the JSON directly into a TDE or Hyper file that would potentially be smaller and more efficient in Tableau.



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