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    Displaying Binary and Aggregated Data

    Erik Hamilton

      I'm pretty new to Tableau, so unsure exactly how to go about this:


      I have a company with 29 different teams.  Each team has 10-15 members on it.  Each member had a 20 day span for sales.  Either they sold something, or they didn't, 1 or 0.  I would like to display a graph that calculates for each team, only the number of members that sold something on every day of the 20.  Thus, if you sold on 19/20 days, you're counted as a 0, but if you sold 20/20, you're counted as 1.  Thus with an output of:


      Team A: 10/15

      Team B: 14/15

      Team C: 12/15




      I would then like to take those values to make a 2 variable graph comparing the number of miles driven by each team, and the number of perfect sales periods.