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    Restricting dynamic filter options based on cell size at lowest LoD in viz

    Andrew Kerekes

      I am working with a set of survey questions and have built a dashboard that contains a number of worksheets that act as dynamic filters to allow an end user to explore the profiles of different segments of a population.  The capability I am trying to implement is to restrict the ability of a user to select a category where the cell size is less than a set value (say n=10) to protect the anonymity of a survey participant. The viz below provides the distribution of Age x Gender for a baseline population (Bars) and a subset of the population (circles) - Users can select Age band or Gender within Age band as a dynamic filter.  This then filters the data to that subset on a number of other profile dimension in the Dashboard - When the sample is low in an Age X Gender category - for example in the 60 age category - dynamic filtering potentially enables an end user to identify a specific individual by referencing other dimensions (location, job role, etc.) and failing therefore to protect anonymity. Is there a way to enable active filtering where the number of participants in any cell (eg. 60 Male) is higher than a threshold value (eg. n=10)?

      Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 8.10.36 am.png