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    Expected String, Found Boolean.  Result Types from CASE Results must match.  UGH!

    Stephen Groff

      I am either having a brain aneurysm or I'm just not wrapping my head around something here...


      In my data "FA ID" contains about 75 selections, and adding it as filter is annoying with so many irrelevant selections, thus I'm trying to create a parameter by just using the FA IDs that I care about.


      I feel like I have created these types of CASE statements many times... but this one just doesn't seem to want to work.


      The Parameter:



      CASE test to see if it will actually work (conversely IF also gives the same error):


      In my Data Model (Data Source) the Data Type for FA ID is string (Abc).  The Data Type I'm outlining for my parameter is also a STRING so I'm not quite clear on what's happening here.


      Any pros out there have a different solution?  Or perhaps you can see where I'm making my mistake?  Thanks in advance.