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    Count people across columns




      I was hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm facing. I'm connected to a SharePoint list where a list of "cases" is stored. Each line has a unique identifier, and then 3-columns where people who were involved in that case are listed. There is no uniformity to where each person goes, i.e. person A could be in Column 1, 2, or 3 across each row. I am attempting to create a dashboard that counts up how often each person within the list shows up anywhere in the 3 columns. If it adds any complication, these 3-columns are actually splits from an original column where the people were listed in random order separated by semicolons.


      Unfortunately, the data is confidential so I can't share a workbook but as an example:


      Case NumberPerson 1
      Person 2Person 3


      Need to count the number of times A, B, C, D, E all showed up


      Any help would be appreciated.