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    Un-hiding hidden worksheets that are not considered part of a dashboard

    Chris Chutter

      Ok, I know how to un-hide hidden worksheets. That is very simple, when the worksheet is part of a dashboard.


      A coworker of mine, however, created a dashboard where a worksheet is only visible as part of a tooltip for a map (that map is part of the dashboard). It is not dragged onto the dashboard and only appears at all if you mouseover the map. I hid that worksheet and cannot figure out how to un-hide it. 'Unhide All Sheets' does not bring it back and it does not appear on the left when I look at the dashboard. I assume this is because it is only indirectly part of a dashboard. It's as though it is part of a dashboard enough that it is hideable, but not part of a dashboard enough to be un-hidable. I know the worksheet hasn't been deleted though because it still displays correctly.


      Is there anyway to retrieve this worksheet from Tableau purgatory?