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    download csv based on filter selection on tableau server

    rao marapatla

      Joe Oppelt


      hope your doing good.


      I have scenario where my user wanted to down load data based on their filter selection.attached worknbook for references


      here is my approach .



      1.Created 2 views which are having same data with same filters one view for dashboard and another view as crosstab to download the data

      2. view one as named Data I am using in display data in dashboard and secondview for downloading the data

      3.i have published dashboard into server

      4.captured second view url (https://myserver/#/site/views/secondview.csv  which is working fine I can able to download data

      5,now I wanted to download data based on filter selection so I have added    https://myserver/#/site/views/secondview.csv?<Category>=<Category> (I cant hardcode value here cause its random selection by users) its opening csv but empty sheet .


      seems like I am missing something here please help

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          Joe Oppelt

          I downgraded your workbook to 10.5 because that's where my server is.


          In the attached I did a few things.


          First of all, you need to have [Category] on the excel image sheet.  In the workbook you uploaded you get a message when you edit your hyperlink action that fields are missing from the sheet.  You have embedded <category> in the hyperlink string, so Tableau needs some way of knowing what value(s) to use.  So I added [Category] to the sheet.


          You'll notice that this forces multiple integrations of your image onto the sheet when you select more than one category.  We will address that later.  For now, though, we need to have [Category] on the sheet.  And you get one icon per category selected.


          OK, so with that, whichever excel icon you click on from that sheet, the associated Category gets passed.  Only one.  But at least now you have the embedded Category functionality working.


          But you need to take this another step.  When I send a list to a hyperlink, I build my string in a calc.  First of all, there is a way to collect all the categories on the sheet.  Take a look at [Categories Selected].  this builds a string that grows as the processing progresses along the table.  When you scroll over the first icon on the excel image sheet, you'll see in the tooltips that only the first category is in the string.  On the second icon we have the second category (and a comma) tacked onto the end.  If there were 100 categories here, the string would continue to grow until the end.

          Also notice that I gave a special table calc setting to tell tableau to walk the table by categories.  (Right click on the [CategoriesSelected] pill -- and likewise the [index] pill -- to see that setting.


          Now go to excel image(2).


          I made one more calc, to grab the last iteration of the growing string.  See [CategoriesSelected(copy)].  Again, I set the table calc setting to walk along categories.  Now I have one value -- the biggest -- in a calc.


          Also look at filters.  I put [index] on filters and selected for value = 1.  This makes only one icon display.


          Finally I built a string called [excel string].  Take a look at that.  (I tested this with my own server, but I put your value back in there before saving it here.)

          I added the new sheet to our dashboard and made a new action for it.  (I made it MENU, but that's doesn't matter for what you need to do.)  Look at how I used [Excel String] in that hyperlink action.


          Oh, one other thing.  I had to do "apply to all worksheets" for the Categories filter.  It doesn't have to be ALL sheets, really.  But the categories filter has to be applied to the excel image sheet so that the sheet knows what categories to pass.


          I think I put everything back in a way that it should work on your system, but you might have top clean up some oversights I made.

          Let me know how this works for you.

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            rao marapatla

            Joe Oppelt


            thanks a lot for your prompt response and workaround - KUDOS


            I have 6 filters in each dashboard it would be greathelp if there any simliefied process .let me know if you have any thoughts on it

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              Joe Oppelt

              I know of no simplified process.  Every discussion I've ever seen about passing values in URL actions required passing them this way.

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