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    Global Variable

    Abby Palcer

      My Question/Issue -  I need to define a global variable to use on various Tableau Workbooks for Net Revenue. So another defined in one place but used all over.  Since I need to use this on n Number of Workbooks, I know I need to define this in the database. Net Revenue is being calculated based off of a date range. I can have a wide range a granularity on Net Revenue all the way from the State Level Down to the Account.


      I can not put the query in a view because I need to pass in the date parameter. So that leaves me with Store Procedures.  Because of the granularity concern, I need to make the sp flexible. I was hoping to do the calculation and then join it back to a table.  But I am noticing I can not do that with Store Procedures in Tableau.



      Any thoughts?