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    Multiple Blended Data Source Calendar Tracker

    Philip O'Flynn



      So I need a way to keep track of assessments that are due during the year. I have 2 data sources both with 2 columns. In the case of the English data source it has 2 columns, one for names and the second for their assessment date last year. With Maths it has their student number and their assessment date the previous year.


      I've created a new calculated field which adds exactly 1 year onto each of the dates in the first data source and I've created a worksheet which gives me a visualization of how many English assessments are due for each month in 2018. I've also added a calculated field to show the urgency of the upcoming assessments based off of todays date.


      My problem is that if I want to do the exact same for Math as a new row directly under what I have done for English on the same worksheet but instead of counting the number of names it counts the number of student numbers.  Do I have to make a list parameter of some sort?


      All help would be greatly appreciated!!

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          Brandon Kidwell

          Hello Philip,


          I'm not certain I understand the question fully but what I interpret it looks like your challenge is in you data sources.  You have your data sources blended on date where you only have Student ID in one data source and Student Name in the other.  Blending the data on date will only pull in students that completed Assessments on the same date which probably doesn't return the results you desire.


          I think you will find your solution if you add Student ID to both data sources (Student Name also recommended) and join or blend your data on Student ID.  Then you will have a more reliable data set and can still use your date values to create the calendar view you desire.  You will then be able to pull in count of student names as well as pull in the details by student for both English and Math Assessments.


          I hope this helps!


          Thanks and best,