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    Quick filter with 100,000 elements

    Silvana Weinaug

      a. I have a quick filter with 100,000 elements for the user to pick from.

      b. If I convert that to an action, I will still have 100,000 marks sorted descending by a value.

      Which one is better a or b? or, Do you recommend a better option not listed here?

      Thank you

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          Jim Dehner


          100,000 unique elements is a lot for any user to deal with -

          you could use a wildcard match 



          but I would look for ways to group or form a hierarchy

          if the data have any sort of logical groups - geo, year of introduction, alphabetic or numeric first character etd -  then use relevant filters


          good luck



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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi Silvana,


            I don't think picking from 100000 elements will be a good idea ( you may find Sort performance issues  )


            For actions you need Source and Destination.


            Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 9.52.00 PM.png


            If you clear the selection with Leave the filter option then you might find better performance.


            And the reason is


            when you leave the filter with each selection .......


            for example


            Say we applied Action 1


            Source      Destination

            1--------> 2


            Now we have come out of the action


            View is as it is

            Source      Destination

            1                2



            Now applying Action 2


            Source      Destination

            2--------> 4


            So there is a one to one mapping no full table scan as you will have in the former way.


            Other options


            1) Sort your data at data-source level itself (as we do in Oracle) , hence we need not to sort that again.


            2) Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 10.03.52 PM.png


            Go with Multiple Values (Custom list ) if possible







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