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    "Include External Files" - Live Connection To Excel/Graphic Images

    Erik Wempa

      Hello.  I had a sandwich for lunch.


      My company is using Tableau 10.4.8, and we're running into issues where people want to use a live connection to Excel in their workbooks, but they also have the need to include image files (such as our company logo) in their workbooks.


      This poses a problem, as far as I see it.  In order for the server to recognize the live connection to Excel, you have to de-select "Include External Files."  But, if you do that, the graphic images won't be included in the workbook.  So, although the data connection is fine, you're missing the images.


      Is there a work-around here, or are we basically effed?


      Thanks in advance for your time.


      Passionate tongue-kisses,