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    Linux Server- Use TSM to setup the server entirely- issues with identity store

    michael craven

      I'm testing migrating our company to a Linux Server and I've managed to get everything working as I'd hoped. I did the initial install using the GUI but want everything to be automated as part of our disaster recovery process. I've managed to add the licence and register the server but when I try to do: 'tsm initialize' I'm given the error:


      Initializing the server...

      Server initialization was unsuccessful.


      See '/var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/tabadmincontroller/tabadmincontroller-*.log' on Tableau Server nodes running the Administration Controller process for server log information.


      Invalid Initialization Request: The identity store must be set before initialization.


      I believe i need to do something with the 'tsm user-identity-store set-connection' command but it's saying 'Identity store type is local.' which is what I want.


      This is basically what i'm hoping to do:


      #install Tableau Server

      sudo yum install -y /mnt/Share/Installs/tableau-server-2018-2-0.x86_64.rpm

      #starts tsm but requires a fresh terminal

      sudo ./opt/tableau/tableau-server/packages/scripts.20182.18.0627.2230/initialize-tsm --accepteula


      #exit and reopen terminal


      tsm login -u "$uid" -p "$pw"

      tsm licenses activate --license-key "$key"

      tsm register --file /mnt/Share/config_files/registration_doc


      tsm initialize

      tsm start

      tsm logout