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    How to show multiple levels of detail on one dashboard?

    Tracey Rapson

      I have a dataset for a hospital that looks like the below. I need to create a dashboard that shows the number of tests and % of correct tests at ward level with the corresponding figures for the directorate and hospital that that ward belongs to. An end user should be able to selec the ward they are interested in and have all 6 figures show up on the dashboard. Is it possible to do this? Would I need to bring the data in three times?



      HospDirectorateWardPatientIDTest timeTestTest correct
      HartonMedical103103467813/08/18 13:1210
      HartonSurgical104103467813/08/18 13:1411
      HartonSurgical105234679013/08/18 13:2311
      WestMedical106345692713/08/18 13:2811
      WestMedical107235469713/08/18 13:3410
      WestSurgical108130987813/08/18 13:3511