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    Classifying Ticket Flow on Weekdays and Weekends

    Rajhesh Kumar A S A

      Hi Experts,


             Need your support. I have attached a sample data where 3 different teams are assigning tickets to Ground Support team. I need to see how many tickets are assigned by these 3 teams to Ground support team during weekdays and Weekends on monthly basis. Attached the input data. I'm using Tableau 10.4. kindly give me the Twbx according to this version or pls give the snaps / calculation formula for the same.


      Required Output format


      Team                              Weekdays
      1st Level team1015161819
      2nd Level team11761012
      Technical Support Team171681216



      Team                              Weekends
      1st Level team281063
      2nd Level team391174
      Technical Support Team4101285