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    Creating a Pie Chart from Table Values

    Christian Wieseotte

      Hi everybody,


      this may seem like a simple problem but I haven't been able to solve it on my own.


      If you look at the linked workbook, i have a table with ports in Europe and the percentage of cargo types handled in individual columns.


      What I want to do is create a map with pie charts indicating the relevance of cargo in each port and having the total volume as the marker size.


      As i understand Tableau, it usually expects many rows of data where each row contains either container, dry bulk, etc. in a "cargo type" column and Tableau figures out the percentages itself.

      However, i am seeing 5 different measures with a single value per port city. How do i set up my data for Tableau to understand this as pie chart percentages?


      Thank you so much for your suggestions.