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    Dimensions and Sets

    Jyothi Hegde



      I am trying to create a report in Tableau which counts the occurrences various types of procedures(dimensions). Some of  these procedures need to be analysed individually and also as part of a set. But when I make a dimension a part of a set, I can't use it individually.Is there a way to go around doing it.


      Attached, please find a subset of the data set. Thanks in advance for your help!




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          Brandon Kidwell

          Hello Jyothi,


          I can't be certain I fully understand the context but it sounds like you might want to try Grouping your data instead of creating Sets.  If you create a group you can then bring in your original Dimension to the right of the Group you create and see it at two different levels of detail, as a Group or Individually.  You could even take it one step further and create a parameter to switch between the group or individual Dimensions.  If interested I'd be happy to share steps here to show how to do that if you don't already know.


          Group Your Data


          I hope this helps!