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    Makeover Monday - Global R&D - % of Total (by Country, Year) v10.2

    Cameron Grant

      Hi Tableau Gurus!


      I'm very new to Tableau Forums and was hoping someone could assist please.   My goal is to improve on the current "viz" which can be seen via the link below:

      Find Out How Much Your Country Spends on Research & Development


      My packaged workbook is attached, and to place on the Dashboard, I'm trying to create a calculated field that represents the percentage of "Country R&D / Global R&D" for a given Country and Year.  For example, in 2016, Japan's R&D expenditure was 170,003,000,000, representing 9.2% of the global R&D spend.  Unfortunately, my calculated field [% of Total] is not working for some reason even though I've FIXED the Country and Year, as it states that the % of R&D attributable to Japan in 2016 is only 1.72% (which is not correct):





      If you can assist that would be great!


      This is sourced from the Makeover Monday data files:



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