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    Working backward

    Patrick  Flaton

      working with sales table I have identified a number of products that are not financial on their own ie direct cost, discount, transport cost and so on greater than price. If I recommend discontiuing with sale of pr9ducts question is what is total spend of customers who buy those products and risk of them going elsewhere for discontinued product and the remainder of their shopping basket. I go to list of products by aplying several filters. How can I now get details of customers for each potentially discontued line an$ details of their other purchases. Hope I have been clear. Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Patrick,


          I'm afraid that the requirements are not clear to me.


          Some facts I figure out from your descriptions are,


          • You've identified the non-profitable products based on the criteria.
          • You want to eliminate these products from your product catalog.
          • You are worried about the risk.


          The unclear thing is the detailed scenario of the risk.


          A simple example could be, the risk of losing customers.



          • Product A is non-profitable.
          • XX% of the customers purchase Product A on a weekly basis.
          • YY% of the Product A customer buy nothing except Product A from your store.


          Possible Risk

          • XX% * YY% of the customers might go to other store.


          So the main process is,


          1. Specify the scenario (s)

          2. Viz the scenario

          3. Get your conclusion





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            Patrick  Flaton

            Thanks. Just two things.

            firstly, I have a whole list of product A’s which I got through a set of filters.

            Secondly, my worry is not the YY% who buy just product A but the XX% - YY% who buy other items from the store. How can I find out the average size of their shopping bag? The amount I risk loosing if I take product A off the shelf. I can’t just ask for sum spend by customer because I have previouly filtered out everything but product A. I think its not possible. But thanks for trying.

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              Hello Patrick,


              I attached a sample workbook.


              After selecting a product (non-profit product), filter works so that only the orders contain this product are left.

              Then calculate the average size per order or per customer / per order.





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                Nitish Pamarty

                Hi Patrick,


                You can actually ask for sum of spend across all the products even when you filtered out other products using LOD calcs.

                I just used an example attached to show that, also there's a calc in there to get to your XX-YY population.





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                  Patrick  Flaton

                  Brilliant. Thank you very much. I’ll try this later.