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    Calculated Fields giving a circular reference error

    James Hardin

      Hi all,  I'd love to post the workbook but unfortunately cannot because of sensitive data  (how many posts start like this??) 


      Please see this screenshot and I will try my best to describe whats going on.  I will reference the data you see from right to left as Column A, column B, Column C, and Column D.



      Circular Reference issue.PNG


      Column A is parameter.  User may set anywhere from  10-40 in 1 step increments
      Column B is set from the data.  Row A, B,C,D,E,F are unique categories
      Column C  returns the remainder after dividing column B by Column A. in essence a Mod formula. Current formula is [Column B]%[Column A]

      Column D adds column B + the previous row of column C  (e.g. 881.6+26.7=908.3)   Formula currently is lookup(sum [column C]),-1)+ sum(column B)of


      Here's my dilemma:


      Column C should return the remainder of Column D divided by Column A.  or [Column D]%[Column A]  but the calc won't work and I get a circular reference error. 


      Thoughts on how to get around this?