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    Unable to apply global filter to live published data source

    Riley Cann

      Hi there,


      I am currently working (on Tableau Desktop 10.5.2) with a live Denodo data source that is published on Tableau server.  I noticed that my performance was a bit slow and was hoping to improve it by applying a filter to one of my data sources by clicking on "Edit data source..." in the "Data" dropdown menu.  I am attempting to add a filter that selects only the two most recent fiscal periods, so I clicked on the "Top" tab in the filter window and specified it to only select the maximum 2 fiscal periods.  When I do this, however, I get an error message saying: "An error occurred while communicating with data source".  When I click on "show details", it says that Tableau is "unable to materialize temporary table".  I am able to add a filter with individual members checked without issue, but this is not a viable permanent solution for my project- I don't want to have to manually change filters each period. 


      Thank you for your help.