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    Rolling 12 Month Calculation Starting from End of Fiscal Year


      This one seems pretty simple but I can't seem to figure it out. My company's fiscal year goes from July to June. I'm trying to figure out a calculation that adds up counts of data for each month, starting from the end of the fiscal year. I've attached the image below for reference.


      PY tracking Excel Goal.PNG

      The calculation would start from Jun-19 and go back and sum the counts for each month and spit out a total, as seen at the far right of the table. For sake of clarity, we could say Aug-18 has a count of 20, so the running total would be 106+20+0+0+...+0, making a total of 126. Ideally, this calculation would also have a running sum for previous Fiscal years as well, such as Jul-17 to Jun-18 and so on and forth. I was thinking of using a parameter but that seems like I would only be able to calculate a total for only one particular year rather than having a rolling sum.


      Thank you in advance.