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    Show only the Grand Total # in my Summary Banner


      Hi there,


      Due to confidentiality, I'm unable to share the workbook. What I have is a bunch of stores (example could be: A100, A101, A102, B100, B101, C100, etc) and these are rolled up into store groups (A, B, C, etc). My dashboard includes an option to filter between store groups (A, B, C, etc) but the specific stores are not visible on the dashboard. That is what I want. But I want a # in the dashboard summary banner to show the total # of unique stores (A100, A102, and B100 would show "3") as I filter by store group (or other filters for that matter...each would still have a specific # of stores attached to that). 


      I am receiving an error where the CNTD goes red unless I add the store group to the rows. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!