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    Users unable to see new dashboards except in Web Edit mode

    Colin Lindley

      I created a few new dashboards today in an existing workbook and published them to our corporate server. When I sent the link to co-workers to view, they could not see any of the data.  However, they could see the existing dashboards.  What is extremely odd is that if they enter into Web Edit mode, they can see all of the data perfectly.  I did an online search for this issue but couldn't seem to find anything.


      It may be important to note (though I doubt it) that I was attempting to utilize User Filters today for the first time, so one of the dashboards has a User Filter set attached to it.  When using the Web Edit view, my coworker can only view the regions which I gave him access to, showing that it appears to be working correctly.


      Here is what they are seeing: Tableau Error.png


      Edit: As you can see, only the parameters are showing.  No filters or even the title is being displayed.