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    Tableau Server doesn't show the same than Tableau Public

    Carlos Esparza

      In the next figures I'll shown the differences between the result wit hTableau Public and Tableau Server.


      With Tableau Public



      With Tableau Server



      The formulas that I'm using in both Tableau are:



      {FIXED DATE([Adq Date]),[Punto]=50:MAX([Adq Date])}



      [Adq Date]={FIXED DATE([Adq Date]),[Punto]=50:MAX([Adq Date])}



      { FIXED [Adq Date]:SUM(IF [LastDate1]=[Adq Date] THEN [STR] END)}


      I need to display the data in column STR (using the vector [LastData1]) when the [Adq Date] is equal to [LastDate1]. As you can see in tableau Public, the vector that is created in [LastDate1] works, and the result is true, but in tableau Server don't. And adding to the difference, the result in [LastData1] for tableau Server is 128 instead of 63.


      Can someone tell me what could be the problem?



      Carlos Esparza

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          Ken Flerlage

          Hard to tell from just screenshots, but I do see an extra filter on the Tableau Server screenshot. Could that be causing it?

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            Carlos Esparza

            Thanks Ken

            Yes, the extra filter is because I have a little difference in the data. I downloaded the data from tableau server in excel but before, I filtered by the Vehicle type and, this is the data that I used in Tableau Desktop. That's why I used this filter in Tableau server and don't  in tableau desktop.


            At this moment I solved my problem with a solution that I don't like. Instead of use the filter LastData 1 ( { FIXED [Adq Date]:SUM(IF [LastDate1]=[Adq Date] THEN [STR] END)}   )  Icreate a new one like this:


            IF DATEPART('month', [Adq Date]) = DATEPART('month', [ALastDate1]) AND DATEPART('day', [Adq Date]) = DATEPART('day', [ALastDate1]) AND DATEPART('hour', [Adq Date]) = DATEPART('hour', [ALastDate1]) AND DATEPART('minute', [Adq Date]) = DATEPART('minute', [ALastDate1]) AND DATEPART('second', [Adq Date]) = DATEPART('second', [ALastDate1])

            THEN 1

            ELSE 0



            Whit this calculation I created a vector with ones and zeros. After that, I multiplicate that vector with the STR Column.


            Now, the thing that I don't understand is, why I had to do that and the simple comparation LastData1 doesn't works? In some dates (day/month/year hour:minutes:seconds) the two columns (Adq Date and LastDate1) had exactly the same value (like I post in the figures) but the comparation is FALSE, and in other cases the value is correct with TRUE. I have to say that for diferent dates the result is right, always FALSE.